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2013 Events Schedule

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Day 1 • Thursday,  August 29
“Welcome Day”

10:00 am               Opening Ceremony

11:00 am               Saw Mill

12:00 pm               Noon Whistle - Dinner

12:45 pm              Rock Crushing

1:00 pm                Threshing

Day 2 • Friday,  August 30

“Education Day for the Young & Old

Consignment Trading Post Sale
  Antique Tractors and Machinery,
  Mowers & parts

10:00 am              Sheep Shearing
                                 Champaign-Urbana Spinners

10:30 am              Saw Mill

11:00 am              Sheep Shearing

11:30 am             Meet & Greet Abe & Mary (Todd) Lincoln (Entertainment Building)

12:00 pm              Noon Whistle - Dinner

12:45 pm              Rock Crushing

1:00 pm                Sheep Shearing

1:30 pm               Saw Mill, Threshing          

3:00 pm               Bingo

6:30 pm               Wagon Load A Trouble related farming songs
                               of the 40's & 50"s (Entertainment Building)

7:00 pm               I.T.P.A. Sanction Tractor Pull
                                5500 lb. Antique-5500 lb.
                                Classic-7800 lb. Pro Stock
                                Diesel Trucks

Day 3 • Saturday, August 31

8:30 am              
Country Tractor Drive

10:00 am            Open Horse Show

10:30 am            Saw Mill 
                           Pedal Tractor Pull             

11:00 am            Frank Sinatra Memories by Kim Johnson

11:30 am            Threshing

12:45 pm            Rock Crushing

1:00 pm              Parade of Power
                               Saw Mill
1:30 pm             
Waterloo German Band
                           played in 22 states & White House - Be There!

2:00 pm             Draft horse pull (on the track)
                           Pedal Tractor Pull                                                   

3:00 pm            Chainsaw Artist Brian Willis

4:00 pm            Threshing
6:30 pm           Battle Creek Country Music over 26 years

7:00 pm            Illini State Pullers Sanction Tractor Pull
                                5000 lb. n/a superstock tractors
                                6000 lb. - super stock tractor.
                                12,500 lb. to hot to farm tractors 


Day 4 • Sunday, September 1
“Antique Car & Truck Display Day”

9:00 am            Church

10:00 am         Membership Tractor Pull

11:00 am         History of International 

12:00 pm         Noon Whistle - Dinner                             

1:00 pm            Mary & Trouble Makers 50's & 60's Music(Entertainment Building)

 1:15 pm            Threshermen’s Parade (downtown Pontiac)

 2:00 pm            Saw Mill
                             Membership Tractor Pull On Track

3:30 pm            Baling

4:00 pm            Chainsaw Auction (Entertainment Building)

4:30 pm            Saw Mill

5:00 pm            ITPA Sanction
                            Tractor Pull
                             9,500 lb. Pro Farm Tractors
                             12,000 lb. Pro Farm Tractors
                             20,000 lb. Pro Stock Semi


6:30 pm           Bellflower Country Opry (Entertainment Building)


Day 5 • Monday, Sept. 2

9:00 am          Membership Tractor Pull on track

10:00 am       Gaming/Fun Horse Show
                         Saw Mill

10:30 am       Threshing

12:00 pm      Noon Whistle - Dinner

1:00 pm         Saw Mill

1:30 pm         Parade of Power

2:00 pm         Threshing

2:30 pm         Baling

3:00 pm         Saw Mill

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